iPSC-Derived Cell Therapies Summit

Capitalize on the Scalable and Diverse Potential of iPSC-Derived Therapies by Defining Differentiation Protocols, Optimal Cell Line Selection and Optimizing Gene Engineering to Accelerate Successfully Into the Clinic

The iPSC field is exploding with excitement and investment, as the true blockbuster potential of these cells is now being realized, with the iPSC field establishing it’s place as the optimal starting material for cell therapies targeting cancer, autoimmune, cardiac disease and much more.

The iPSC-Derived Cell Therapies Summit is the first meeting to exclusively focus on the common challenges across disease indications which are limiting the clinical translation of iPSC-based approaches for cell therapy, including safety concerns with differentiation protocols, lack of regulatory guidance, and licensing issues.

Get caught up to speed on this dynamic industry with expertise shared from the likes of Shoreline Biosciences, Kite Pharma, HeartSeed, and Exacis, to understand the broad applicability of iPSCs, advances in novel gene engineering approaches, and translational lessons learned to advance your pipeline to clinical success.

Promising interactive discussion and engaging networking opportunities, leave the iPSC-Derived Cell Therapies Summit equipped with new collaborations across pharma, biotech and academia, and advanced knowledge on how to develop safe, scalable and cost-effective iPSC-derived therapies.

World-Class Speaker Faculty Included:

Dan Kaufman

CSO & Professor

Shoreline Biosciences; UC- San Diego

Helen Tayton-Martin



Jeanne Loring


Scripps Research

Keiichi Fukuda



Wei Lei


Cytovia Therapeutics

Confirmed Attendees for 2021 Included:

iPSC Companies attending

Hear Why Our Speakers Are Excited

"iPSC are one of the most complex cell types and accordingly there are many unique biological, clinical and regulatory challenges. Sharing experiences with peers should greatly expedite the broader clinical applications of these remarkable cells: making promise real."
Richard Boyd, CSO, Cartherics PL


"This meeting offers an invaluable opportunity for leaders in this field to discuss the unique opportunities and challenges associated with iPSC-derived products, which I expect to dominate the field of cell-based therapies in the near future."
Killian Kelly, COO, Cynata Therapeutics

2021 Partners Included: