Improving Gene Engineering, Enhancing Potency & Streamlining Manufacturing to Accelerate Stable, Safe & Clinically Validated iPSC-Derived Cell Therapies to Market

Welcome to the 4th iPSC Drug Development & Manufacturing Summit

Driving Proof of Concept & Scalable Manufacturing

With Kenai Therapeutics emerging from stealth with an $82 Million Series A funding round, 2024 has started strong for iPSC drug developers looking to showcase the potential of their pipelines ahead of the next wave of investment.

The 4th iPSC Drug Development & Manufacturing Summit is your longest standing and definitive iPSC focused industry platform showcasing cutting-edge advances across R&D through to manufacturing and analytical development to help you stay at the forefront of the iPSC cell therapy revolution.

With content split across our Research & Development and Manufacturing & Analytical Development tracks, this is the one-stop shop meeting for drug developers and academic thought leaders looking to streamline their route to the clinic and scale up their manufacturing processes.

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4th iPSC Derived Cell Therapies Summit US - Companies on agenda

"It was great being part of the iPSC-derived therapy community and discussing with peers the challenges and progress we are facing"

Director, Tome Biosciences, Past Attendee

Our World-Class Speaker Faculty Includes:


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"Last year's summit provided field leaders an opportunity to share cutting-edge pre-clinical technical advances/challenges and learn the landscape of current cell therapies for oncology and regenerative medicine"

Director - MSAT, Astellas, Past Attendee

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"The interactive nature of the conference with the roundtable and panel discussion as well as the engaged audience
made this event enjoyable"

Chief Technology Officer, Aspen Neuroscience, Past Attendee

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"This is a focused summit on the iPSC area and a great opportunity to network with experienced leaders in the field"

Executive Director, Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre, Past Attendee