In the last year we’ve seen several successful funding rounds for iPSC-centric biotechnology companies, with Kenai Therapeutics and Shinobi Therapeutics both raising over $50 million in Series A Funding.

With indications like autoimmune conditions and solid tumors receiving increasing attention it feels like the next wave of investment into stem cell medicines is imminent, and our partners recognize the importance of showcasing their services and expertise ahead of this boom.

For the first time in 4-years, we are uniting both R&D teams and manufacturing development teams for 3-days of industry-lead presentations and cross-functional discussions looking to overcome the current bottlenecks for wide-spread usage of iPSCs in regenerative medicine and beyond.

Our 2024 Partners

PBS Biotech - 2024 Partner
Corning - 2024 Partner
Ajinomoto - 2024 Partner
Cellino - 2024 partner
Roslin - 2024 partner
Getinge - 2024 - partner
Accelerated Bio - 2024 partner - 2024 partner

Our Audience are Looking for Support With

GMP grade manufacturing for iPSCs with a keen interest in speaking with CDMOs with a shared passion in the future of iPSCs

Accessing high quality iPSC cell line across a number of indications and applications to start their cutting-edge research from expert cell line developers

Gene editing and differentiation of their iPSCs via external service, reagents and expert help

CROs and testing services to provide a trust-worthy and tailored service to help from preclinical testing all the way to the clinic

Why Partner?

Brand Exposure: Position your brand prominently and showcase cutting-edge solutions to an exclusive audience actively seeking services for their iPSC development

Thought Leadership: Spotlight your contributions across the iPSC field from cell line development to gene-editing and GMP-grade manufacturing among leading experts in the biopharma industry

Harness Market Intelligence: Gain invaluable insights into the solutions and services that biopharma companies will be investing in to facilitate the large-scale production of iPSCs in 2024 and beyond!

Networking Opportunities: Forge invaluable connections with decision-makers and key opinion leaders, unlocking doors to collaborative partnerships and business opportunities

Who Could You Meet?

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Luke Kindness
Business Development Manager

Hanson Wade