Allen Feng - Speaker headshot

Allen Feng

Founder & Chief Scientific Officer


Anne Plant - Speaker

Anne Plant

Fellow Chief, Biosystems and Biomaterials Division

National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST)

Annelise B _ speaker

Annelise Bennaceur-Griscelli



Bruna Paulsen - Speaker

Bruna Paulsen

Director - Manufacturing and Quality Control


Chong Luo - Speaker

Chong Luo

Director, Cell Therapy

Tome Biosciences

Chris Barkey - Speaker

Chris Barkey

Chief Executive Officer


David Rodgers - Speaker

David Rodgers

Senior Director - Macrophage Cell Therapy

Shoreline Biosciences

Dhruv Sareem - speaker

Dhruv Sareen

Associate Professor & Executive Director - Biomanufacturing Center & Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Dongsheng Guo - speaker

Dongsheng Guo


UMass Chan Medical School

Harshyaa Makhija - speaker

Harshyaa Makhija

Dean's Postdoctoral Fellow

Nanyang Technological University

Howard Federoff - speaker

Howard Federoff

Chief Medical Officer, Scientific Co-Founder and Director

Ryne Biotechnology

Jason mills - speaker

Jason Mills

Director - Process Development

Century Therapeutics

Joseph Wu - speaker

Joseph Wu

Professor and Director, Stanford Cardiovascular Institute

Stanford Genome Technology Center

Kevin d'Amour - speaker

Kevin D’Amour

Chief Scientific Officer

Stemson Therapeutics LLC

Laura Kouivusalo - speaker

Laura Koivusalo


StemSight Oy

Leonardo Cruz - speaker

Leonardo Velazco Cruz

Senior Scientist

Thymmune Therapeutics

Matt Angel - speaker

Matt Angel

Chief Executive Officer

Factor Biosciences

Matt Moran - speaker

Matt Moran

Senior Associate Development Engineer


Michael Naso - speaker

Michael Naso

Vice President

Century Therapeutics

Nick Wisnewksi - speaker

Nicholas Wisniewski

Vice President of Data Science and BioInformatics

Stemson Therapeutics LLC

Rajneesh Jhas - speaker

Rajneesh Jha

Associate Principal Scientist


Sherry Hikita - Speaker

Sherry Hikita

Director - Cell Therapy Research and Development Project

Novo Nordisk

Takehiko Kaneko - speaker

Takehiko Kaneko

Chief Medical Officer, Head of Research and Development

Heartseed Inc

Wei Ling - speaker

Wei Li

Chief Scientific Officer

Cytovia Therapeutics

Will Asari - Speaker

Will Ansari

Associate Director - Technology Development

Aspen Neuroscience

Zhu Pirot - speaker

Zhu Pirot

Director and Technical Leader, Platform CGT Analytical Development