iPSC-Derived Cell Therapies Summit 2023 – Highlights

With 2023 having witnessed the first iPSC-derived cell therapies hit the clinic, the drive to optimize safe differentiation, maintain genomic integrity, and streamline manufacturing efficiency to achieve regulatory approval was paramount.

Given the prevailing financial uncertainty, it has never been more business-imperative to unite with pioneers in the iPSC space to share experiences, learnings and navigate the future of iPSC-derived therapies.

Attendees had the opportunity to hear from 30+ technical and strategical leaders at the forefront of accelerating iPSC derived products to the clinic to revolutionize cell therapy and regenerative medicines. They got their hands on never seen before clinical data from Century Therapeutics, Heartseed Therapeutics, and NIH as they progress their candidates through Phase I trials.

Attendees also joined Cytovia Therapeutics, Sorrento Therapeutics, and Takeda in optimizing gene editing protocols for improved product safety; refining manufacturing strategies to increase CMC efficiency with Notch Therapeutics and Penn State University and discussed purified differentiation protocols, regulatory requirements, and delivery and formulation challenges to streamline their clinical strategy with Century Therapeutics, Novo Nordisk, and ThyasEvade.

Don’t miss out next year, on the largest meeting dedicated to iPSC drug development, and accelerate your clinical proof of concept!

Attendees Had the Opportunity to:

  • Optimize Gene Editing Technologies to improve safety, genomic integrity and overcome immune rejection to streamline clinical translation of iPSC derived cell therapy products
  • Benchmark data requirements and discuss regulatory expectations with experienced thought leaders to accelerate their IND package approval
  • Improve safety aspects of differentiation protocols to enhance product purity and elevate confidence in downstream outcomes
  • Leverage dedicated opportunities to network and discuss funding expectations with leading investors to accelerate their clinical pipeline in the current economic climate
  • Hear brand new clinical data and lessons learned to inform and incentivise their preclinical process and clinical development
  • Network with fellow technical leaders and uncover their next partnership in our multiple interactive panel sessions and discussion-based roundtables!

Who Did Attendees Meet?

This meeting united both technical leads in the Discovery & Translation track, as well as strategic senior level decision makers in the Regulatory & Early Clinical Development track to support learning across the full company.

What Your Peers Had to Say

"iPSCs are one of the most complex cell typed and accordingly there are many unique biological, clinical and regulatory challenges. Sharing experiences with peers should greatly expedite the broader clinical applications of these remarkable cells: making promise real."
Chief Scientific Officer, Cartherics

"A great opportunity to interact with colleagues and learn how others are dealing with common challenges."
Senior Director, Translational Science & Development, Astellas Institute for Regenerative Medicine

"Great meeting bringing key commercial (and non-commercial) players together in a rapidly expanding space so that challenges could be addressed early and together for progress in the field."
Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, The New York Stem Cell Foundation

''The iPSC-Derived Cell Therapies Summit 2022 was a huge success, filled with scientific and technological rigor, great collaborative spirit, excellent expertise in analytical and regulatory areas and inspirational vision for iPSC-derived cell therapy!''