Toby Deuse

Toby Deuse

Company: Shinobi Therapeutics

Job title: Scientific Co-Founder


Roundtable Discussion: Re-Evaluating Necessary Genetic Knock-Outs to Reduce Immune Burdens 4:10 pm

Reviewing current evidence determining the necessity of immune knock-outs to elevate regulatory approval Comparing persistency of cells in immune knock-out models to non-knock out models to assess essential edits Outlining data requirements to justify knock-out selection to unite the iPSC spaceRead more

day: Conference Day One

Roundtable Discussion: Combatting Limitations With Preclinical Models to Improve Translation of iPSC-Derived Therapies to the Clinic 2:30 pm

Acknowledging current limitations with existing animal models to identify areas for greater discovery Discussing alternative approaches to enhance quality of preclinical efficacy, safety and toxicology data Benchmarking critical qualities of preclinical models to ensure accurate reflection of disease indicationsRead more

day: Track A MID

10:31 am

Read more

day: Track A AM

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